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tv   Action News  ABC  January 7, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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developments on the terrorist attacks in paris. and the bitter cold has schools delayed in the morning next. ♪♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. [chanting] >> gathering tonight in the thousands claiming their liberty in the wake of france's
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worst terrorist attack in years. gunman killing people in the attack of the satirical magazine called charlie hebdo, which repeatedly lyly published cartoons satiricalizing muhammad. the massive manhunt for two terrorists killing 12 people in an utterly violent form of sensorship. among the dead are four cartoonists and the editor in chief. the police in paris released pictures of two brothers cherif and kouachi kouachi both in their 30s and from france possibly linked to a terrorist network. an 18-year-old suspect surrender surrendered tonight, his natsuno natsuno -- nationality unclear. and hundreds of in vigils
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showing the outrage of the attack, the support for charlie hebdo magazine and the right to freedom of the press. and to honor the lives of the victims who practiced it. "action news" reporters are live at the big board and a brutal day in paris with families friends and an entire nation now mourning tonight. what are the latest developments here? >> jim, the search for those two still out there, this underway. it led to a major police operation underway in the northeastern part of france. this is them outside of the home they clued in on. and we have video when they actually made entry. the country on alert and france's president calling it barbaric. midmorning 11:30 a.m. paris time when in the streets terrorists wearing ski masks and carrying automatic weapons fired a hail
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of bullets. the attack unfolding at the offices of charlie hebdo a satirical newspaper known for poking fun at islam and other religions. and the shooters arrived aiming at two doormen killing one. the gunmen encounter a cartoonist for the paper and her young daughter and force the employee to give them the office security code and enter. their target the staff of the newspaper. officials saying their lives were taken execution-style. i can still hear the shots ringing through my ears she says. i never would have believed i would hear shooting on my own street. five minutes later the gunmen shooting at police and shouting -- and they shoot and wound one policeman and run towards him executing him on the ground. this isn't the first time the satirical paper has been targeted by extremists. the offices were fire bombed in 2011 after a spoof issue with a
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character of prophet muhammad on the cover. and they never backed down and said they would rather die standing than live on his knees and he was among those murdered today. cartoonists around the world like signe wilkinson of the philadelphia daily news vowed to speak out against the violence through humor and the power of their pen. >> these people all they did is draw cartoons. they didn't shoot anyone they didn't behead anyone. >> with that wilkinson tells us she plans to publish her own tribute in tomorrow's philadelphia daily news. she's not the only one. here are some images we found from other cartoonists on the web tonight. this one, as you can see, poking fun at a very -- of course a day we will never forget in the states from 9/11 but you see the contrast. the pencil the power of the free speech and the plane
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approaching. and this one is also out there tonight. and of course an automatic weapon facing up against the pen here. and lastly this one, of course the pen coming into attack this terrorist or this person who vowed to do some violence. jim taking to their pens using their free speech tonight. >> thank you. thanks very much. other news at this hour it is a brutally cold night across the tri-state area and wind chills are plunging below zero. obviously we are talking about dangerous weather overnight and into tomorrow. we will go to "action news" reporter dann cuellar in center city in a moment. first, live outside to meteorologist cecily tynan. >> and it is already quite cold out here and going to get colder. the national weather service has issued wind chill advisories for the entire viewing area through 9:00 tomorrow morning. the first wind chill advisory of the season. we're talking about wind chills that will be dropping down as
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low as 15 degrees below zero. even without the wind chill it is cold. 14 degrees in philadelphia right now. 9 in allentown and reading. 14 in millville. 13 in wilmington. 10 in trenton. then you factor in the winds, winds have been vicious out of the northwest gusting to 28 miles per hour. philadelphia right now 37 miles per hour in wilmington. you add it with the temperature and the wind chill dropped down to 6 degrees below zero in philadelphia. 11 below in reading and 14 below in the poconos. tomorrow morning you definitely do want to bundle up. there is even colder wind chills waiting in the wings . the air mass is settling in overnight and i will let you how low they dropped where you live and let you know when we climb out of the deep freeze when i come inside for the forecast. and switching live to the
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park and "action news" reporter dann cuellar. the city called a code blue. have they brought homeless people inside? yes they have. it was sad to see some of the homeless out here. in one case a woman in a red coat who was sleeping sitting on the steps for hours before someone called the project out reach teams. just after 7:00 in the city and the temperature sign reads 18 degrees. the wind is howling outside of the church on chestnut where a homeless woman said. and someone called saying she was out there for hours. >> sometimes people who are outside are mentally ill. therefore, they are not aware of the temperature. so we are their eyes and ears. >> and an out reach team was not sure she would come along, not sure of what they will encounter. after awhile she came along,
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suitcase in tow and to a safe haven. >> people who normally would not want to come in if it is a smaller environment they are willing to come into a safe haven. >> they average 300 homeless roaming the nights of the city tonight some under the bridge near franklin square. orderly 100 would be sleeping in the septa concourse, they had the hub of hope with doctors, nurses, psychiatrists and others offering services but not this year. it seems one pulled the welcome mat. >> we are doing everything we can to find a low indication in the concourse where we can offer enhanced services that can get people connected to housing and get people into a better situation. >> this former homeless guy, ron, who referred we not show his face says he is back on his feet thanks to the hub of hope in the concourse. >> i have been in shelters before and discouraged from them. when the hub of hope in the
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concourse i knew i could go there. they helped me last year and now i have my own place and it is wonderful. >> ron is now working on getting a job with project home and outreach teams are rooting for him. if you know of a homeless person who needs to get into a warm place you are asked to call the hot line 215-232-1984. be patient, they are getting a lot of calls. live in center city for "action news." a number of school delays no cancellations yet. it is because of the extreme cold and we are running a ticker with the information. you can access it on the news app and the "action news" morning team. we will update the list if school delays or cancellationings happen overnight. they will are on the air beginning at 4:30. the philadelphia police on the hunt for two attackers who stabbed and robbed a man inside of a center city wendy's tonight
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at 8:30 at the fast food restaurant at 11th and walnut. the robbers stabbed a 21-year-old victim in the some and leg and ran off with his cell phone. the victim is in the hospital in stable condition. the delaware county authorities investigating a local side tonight, the victim shot to death on hazel avenue at 5:30. the police have not identified the victim or circumstances leading up to the murder. dozens of people came out on this bitterly cold night to protest the police shooting in new jersey. and they marched to the courthouse to protest the killing in millville. shot during a traffic stop last tuesday. organizers want the officer who fired the fatal shot to resign. and a special prosecutor appointed to the case. >> we want to get the community involved. we want to not keep people
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complacent here. we feel like things like this happen when the people are silent. >> witnesses captured the shooting on cell phone video. jeremy reed's family hired an attorney and is calling for an independent investigation. the parents of a bucks county teenager are speaking out tonight along with that teenager against the repeal of a decision by the archdiocese of philadelphia that allowed her to play football on a boys' team. live at the archdiocese headquarters in center city is kenneth moton. what is the story here? >> jim, pardon the football anatural bee, caroline pla says she feels she is back at the line of scrimmage with no gain on the play. she is upset and ready for another battle. it's been nearly two years since doylestown, bucks county teen caroline pla fought the archdiocese to play cyo football with the boys and won. number 20 noticed the guys got bigger. >> i was a little scared in the
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beginning, but i realized no matter how big they were i held my own. >> and they were cyo champions. and the archbishop chaput changed his mind saying no girls allowed in contact sports. >> i feel what i did impacted but now i feel like it's just going back to the way things were before it happened. >> 2013 a panel of parents, coaches and sports medicine experts agree with the policy that girls shouldn't play cyo football. the archbishop allowed caroline to participate but the ruling was provisional, not set in stone. >> i knew the word was trouble when i read it. and i knew it was a loop hole. >> since caroline's crusade for change, catholic officials in the area have taken a look and reinforced the no girls allowed policies. the archdiocese says it is because of safety and "gender differences are important and play a large role in development of mature christian male and
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female identity." and caroline's mother says she was the face of the fight. >> caroline opened the door and we don't want the door to shut. we feel they shut the door. >> it doesn't appear that girls are lining up to play contact sports in the catholic league caroline says the option should visit. >> i am fighting for others. i feel i have to be the voice that fights for other people. >> and the archdiocese says it stands. but caroline says she will keep fighting. and they recently ordered the male cyo wrestlers to forfeit to females from non-catholic schools. >> thank you. the city council until atlantic city endorsed the o financial recovery plan asking for money from the state but recysts the take over of
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finances. the plan letting casinos make lesser payments instead of property taxes for 15 years. the plan also includes millions of dollars in layoffs and budget cuts. still to come on "action news" tonight, the fatty food that researchers say you should eat every day. plus bill cosby's tv wife speaks out in an exclusive interview to "action news." and you want to hear what she thinks about the sex assault scandal. and a tragic tale. divers find sections of the missing jetliner that could get them closer to the black boxes. and getting colder before the morning commute. and giving you the details when we finally warm up in the "action news" forecast. and jimmy rollins in a dodgers uniform for the first time when "action news" continues.
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>> the tale of the missingj
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>> the agoforecast, it is really chilly. >> i was standing outside and still is not warm. i am going home and putting on footie pajamas. >> too much information. >> and the show showers we had a few earlier, also with the arctic front they moved off. it is a dry night. generally a clear night but cold and still very windy. the temperature in philadelphia 14 degrees down from the high of 24. which is not even up to the normal low for this time of
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year. the normal low is 26. allentown is 9. reading 9. wilmington 13. trenton 10. millville currently 14 degrees. but this is what you feel. the wind gusts out of the northwest 28 miles per hour in philadelphia. 32 in wildwood. 37 in wilmington. and the winds are pulling down some very brutal wind chills. the wind chill keeps dropping in philadelphia. every time i check it is down to 6 degrees below zero now. wilmington 6 below. millville 3 below. reading now dropped to 11 degrees below zero. and the poconos is 14 degrees below zero. satellite 6 and action radar really shows what is going on, the arctic boundary moved in the south and east. it opened the door for the big area. you see the clear area that is thanks to the arctic high pressure building from the west. moving through north carolina through the day tomorrow and this means nearly the entire half of the country, the eastern
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half of the country under wind chill advisory. they extend all the way down to southeastern florida. we are not alone in this brutally cold weather. it doesn't really make you feel much better though. overlight know 8 degrees in philadelphia. the record low 2, not quite record territory but certainly cold enough. allentown 2, millville 8, trenton 7. these are the numbers you have to consider before you step outside tomorrow. the wind chills the way it feels. cape may county southern and central delaware wind chill 0-5 degrees below zero. south jersey the i-95 corridor including philadelphia wind chills tomorrow morning 5-10 blows zero. and the northwest suburbs 10-15 below zero and in the poconos the wind chill dropping down to 20 degrees below zero. the coldest weather since last year when we were dealing with the polar vortex. the exclusive forecast wind
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chills in the afternoon in the similar digits. we briefly hit above freezing friday before we have another blast of cold air saturday. 25 degrees. but the temperatures are moderating on sunday. increasing clouds 36 degrees. monday could be messy with rain or snow showers with a high of 39 degrees. then we keep the clouds and seasonal temperatures on tuesday and wednesday. afternoon highs in the upper 30s. and tune into david murphy at 4:30 and he will let you know exactly how cold where you live. a pair of north philadelphia cousins sharing something very special when they grow up -- their birthday. our partners at univision catching up with two sisters a year apart giving birth to baby girls at the university of hospital yesterday morning. and the baby girls born 16 minutes apart. the sisters are sharing a room and mom and babies are expected to be discharged tomorrow. good evening everyone and
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>> big sigh of relief tonight, flyers camp. >> they can't afford to have anything else go wrong with this team. a season with disappointment perhaps the flyers caught a break. if steve mason is not seriously hurt, they say he will practice tomorrow. he had an m.r.i. after leaving practice this morning with soreness in an undisclosed area. originally felt something during last night's game against ottawa. no word whether mason can play tomorrow against washington. former phillie star jimmy rollins admits tonight that maybe he didn't do a good enough job here in philadelphia. and maybe he can make up for it in los angeles. well how strange does this look? yeah! for the first time he is wearing dodger blue as introduced in los angeles. that looks weird. rollins size it would make great history all over again. would he love to do it in a new
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city. ended the phillies world series drought in 2008. and the dodgers have not won in 27 years. and j. roll says he knew in 2011 the phillies which dough closed shut. >> we had the best team in baseball in '11 and just wasn't able to do it. it made it tough coming after that. but i've said it after 2011 it was just one of the feelings where the magic was gone. i can't explain it, it was just gone. wow. believe it or not, the sixers had not won back-to-back home games since way back in 2013. yeah, it's been that long. the sixers finally won thes first home game monday. how about two in a row? good start against milwaukee. the sixers only 11 points in the first. noel 6 of them. and the bucks end the first on the 10-0 run. and how about o. j. mayo one second to go. sixers down 27-11, doesn't get any better. and the dunk and the sixers lose by 20. and the brown's face says it
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all. >> we searched all night. we were lost most of the night. that resulted in my opinion, in our poorest game of the year. eagles star going to the pro bowl second straight year despite winning games with injuries.
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>> college hoops, cherry and white trying to stay red hot. temple going for the sixth straight wins. owls against tulane. down to the wire tied with 4:00 to go. and cummings move and four of the five starters in double figures and putting it away. the transfer the three. and temple stays it and it is the sixth straight win. and st. joe's lose the third straight to to duquesne in pittsburgh. and the always animated john, and screaming after that. and price turns it over the other way and clark dunks it. wow la salle loses by 6. 71-65. it is the second straight loss. the college football national championship game is monday night. oregon and ohio state at 8:30 on espn. i wonder who chip kelly will be rooting for.
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>> yeah no suspense there. dozens of people attended a special screening of the movie "selma" in university city. before the film began, there was a discussion with a multi-generational panel involved with the civil rights movement. it tells the story of the 1965 voting rights marches and it will be released in theaters on friday. jimmy kimmel live next. followed by "nightline." and "action news" continues at 4:30 with pamela edwards, matt o'donnell meteorologist david murphy and karen rogers with traffic. and cecily tynan,for the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner. good night. ♪♪ >> "action news" is sponsored in part by --
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, bill maher, from comedy and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you very much. thanks for coming out. it is appreciated.


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